About Wine Best Buys:

WineBestBuys.com identifies the many bargains and best buys available to consumers based on their quality as determined by the most recognized professional tasters in the industry.

It summarizes the medals and ratings of over 35,000 wines, covering most of the moderate priced wines to be found in any wine store.

Generally, the focus is on bargain wines in the $10-$20 per 750ml bottle range.

For more expensive wines, such as French Burgundy and Champagne, the range is extended up to about $40.

Because of the growing popularity of the futures market, all Bordeaux wines are covered including the most expensive. For Bordeaux reds, the barrel-tasting ratings of the recognized tasters in this field have been included.

WineBestBuys.com respects the copyright of the original sources by adhering to two fundamental legal requirements of copyright law: First, the source material has already been published and made available to the public and, second, the web site is free.

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